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Common Issues That New Pet Care Franchisees Must Face

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The frequent success that pet care franchises achieve can make it easy to want to join in on the fun. We agree that working with a pet boarding franchisor is a worthwhile investment and great opportunity, but this line of work is not without its challenges. As any good franchisor should, we want to prepare the people we support for the good and the bad parts of owning a pet care franchise.
This is why we want to explain the most common issues that pet care franchisees will face in the early stages of establishing a franchise. Surely there are more challenges down the line, but if you can make it past the following hurdles, you should be able to tackle the rest with ease!
Facing Doubt
While this may not feel like a very tangible challenge, the insecurity you feel as a new business owner can be a very real struggle during startup. Not having confidence can make it hard to make decisions or reach success. In order to rise above the stressors of establishing a pet care franchise, it’s important to be sure of oneself and the decision to join the industry in the first place. 
A great way to minimize doubt is to carefully select the franchisor you work with. If you choose a company that has values you stand by, leadership you trust, and support you can rely on, you’ll find that it’s easy to silence that voice of doubt in your head. Always remember that your franchisor is there to help you be as successful as possible; use all of the tools that they offer and ask questions when you have them!
Assembling Your Dream Team
Recruiting a team is a tall task for any operation; recruiting a quality pet care team is even taller! Unlike other industries, pet care employees have to be able to please both pets and their owners. Customer service is an essential part of your franchise’s success, so it’s very important to get your hiring process right the first time. 
Be sure to find recruits that are as passionate about pet care as you are. You’ll also want to assemble a team that is well-rounded, where one worker’s weaknesses can easily be balanced out by another’s strengths. Most importantly, make sure you are training your employees well and keeping them happy enough to stick around. Quality franchisors will likely have robust training procedures and materials for you to work with, so you can put your primary focus on finding the right people. 
Cash flow, a common issue for just about every new business, can be a huge source of stress. What makes joining a franchise so great is all of the things that come along with it, like brand recognition, a system that works, and plenty of resources to support your operation. In order to unlock all of these goodies, you’ll need to establish enough funding to get your franchise off the ground and running for the first few months (until you start making profits). To make it through the challenge of cash flow, make sure you have full comprehension of your budget and how you plan to use it. Franchisors have a detailed and structured process for you to work with when you get started – so be sure to understand how your operation’s funds will be affected as the process moves along. 
If running a successful franchise were easy, everyone would be doing it! Joining a pet care franchise is a fulfilling and exciting way to earn a living, but it’s important to understand the challenges that come along with it. We hope not to scare you from stepping into the industry, but rather to give you an honest look into what it takes to be a professional pet care entrepreneur. For more information about a successful franchise and franchisee opportunities, call All American Pet Resorts!