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Featured Resort: All American Pet Resorts Dallas

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As pet owners, you will always focus on two key factors when entrusting your dog to a pet care facility: who is watching over them and what environment will they be in. All American Pet Resorts Dallas was opened in 2008 by Jim and his wife, Keith, to provide a place where the overall health and wellness of each guest is the leading priority. Every decision Jim and Keith make together revolves around this commitment.

The Committed, Long-Term Staff

Feeling passionate about dogs is simply not enough by itself. The staff at All American Pet Resorts Dallas is certified and formally trained to care for your beloved animals.

We’re proud of the commitment of the Dallas staff, many of whom have worked at the resort for more than 5 years. Dallas’s General Manager, Meredith, has been working in the pet care industry for over 10 years, and Taylor, one of the supervisors, has been at the resort for more than 7 years.

Staff are present on property 24-7 to ensure the safety and well-being of the dogs under their care at all times.

Visit the Dallas website to learn more about the team who will be looking after your pup at the resort. By knowing the group of people who will be interacting with their dog, most customers feel an extra layer of comfort when boarding their beloved animals.

Resort Services & Amenities

All American Pet Resorts Dallas’s state-of-the-art facility is built to accommodate dog boarding, doggie daycare, and dog grooming services.

A special emphasis was placed on maintaining a clean and healthy environment for dogs when the physical facility was designed and built. All American Pet Resorts Dallas has an air filtration system that exchanges air every 14 minutes in addition to the entire facility being climate controlled. The custom sanitation system includes over 300 floor drains that are located throughout the play areas and individual boarding suites.

Dog Boarding

Individual cage-free boarding suites with a raised bed and lamb fleece pad (upon request) give your dog a cozier feel. Dogs that stay 4+ nights receive a complimentary kennel bath prior to departure.

Doggie Daycare

All American Pet Resorts Dallas has five outdoor play yards comprised of artificial turf totaling 7,785 square feet of space and one indoor play area comprised of cushioned rubber flooring (to prevent undue stress on joints and bones) totaling 239 square feet of space.

Dog Grooming

Taking a stress-free approach, All American Pet Resorts Dallas offers a luxury bath inclusive of blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and nail trim. Extra services include de-shedding, sensitive skin oatmeal shampoo, flea shampoo, and a spa dental package.

Because of Jim and Keith’s selectiveness when hiring staff and thoughtfulness in establishing specific amenities, All American Pet Resorts Dallas has become so much more than just another dog boarding facility.

We fully understand the bond you share with your dog, so our resorts commit to providing an experience that will ensure their well-being and happiness in your absence. Contact All American Pet Resorts Dallas with any questions regarding our services, facility, or our approach to pet care.

All American Pet Resorts Dallas
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