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Hard Working Dogs of the Past, Present & Future

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With the long Labor Day weekend approaching, we wanted to give a shout out to our 4-legged-friends. Dogs have been working alongside men and women for thousands of years, never earning a paycheck and never complaining about the work.

As the world has modernized, some of these dog jobs are still around, like herding animals, pulling sleds with food and clothing through small towns and pulling carts full of vegetables, hiking gear and medications. Hunting dogs working hard at retrieving or sniffing out the hunted.

Today, we have watch dogs, guard dogs, and dogs helping our Armed Forces. We have dogs that help with search and rescue missions and tracking missing persons. Dogs are working in airports, fire stations, police departments and hospitals.

Last, but certainly not least, there are our beloved service dogs. These dogs help lead the blind, assist the hearing impaired and can even alert a diabetic when their insulin is low.

So this weekend, let’s celebrate the service these amazing animals provide. Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.