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Opening A Pet Care Business: Site Selection

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In our last blog, we provided a broad overview of the general logistical aspects that move your pet care business from theory to a viable operation. Selecting a physical location is a significant decision for any business, but franchises have their own specific set of factors that must be checked off.

Narrow in further on Pet Care Franchises specifically. Your facility will have specialized designs throughout the building and property because your facility within itself is the product you are selling to dog and cat owners. Unlike many other industries, such as clothing stores, you cannot simply move your inventory to a new location without missing a beat. Your product includes a well-thought-out utility system and other internally built features that aid in caring for beloved pets entrusted to you.

No one wants to see the products they put money in to go to waste. A smart site location will, in fact, add value to your pet care business. This is where a pet care franchise comes in and helps. What exactly will a pet care franchise do during your site selection stage?

  • Perform area and individual site demographics.
  • Evaluate your location and size of the facility.
  • Assist franchisee with zoning & usage issues.
  • Assist marketing the franchisee in market analysis, existing competitors, system differentiators, recommend fee structure.
  • Assist site development in site layout to protect brand requirements.

These boxes to check will eliminate poor site locations that will work against your business by preventing you from receiving enough business to turn a profit. A pet care franchise is a second set of eyes that will help you identify red flags while examining the physical environment, economic health, and zoning of your area.

Additionally, working with a pet care franchise also gives you a leg up in the branding department. Because they have already established a brand and direction for their pet care business, you are afforded more time to think about how to make your franchise stand out within your local marketplace.

Your site selection must work for you instead of hold you back. All American Pet Resorts has helped many pet care businesses find their location within various cities such as Dallas, TX; Fort Myers, FL; and Rochester Hills, MI. If you have any questions about partnering with a pet care franchise or want to further discuss areas we discussed above, contact our team today.

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