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Take Your Dog to Work Day: Friday June 24th

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From the beginning, man’s best friend has been working alongside us: hunting, tracking, and protecting our homes and property. Nowadays, life is busy with the corporate hustle and bustle and our furry friends are left at home.

There were a reported 5000 companies in 2003 participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day. Is your company allowing your furry friend at the office on Friday?

If so, tell us where you work – even post a picture of your pet at the office! If your office is not already participating, maybe you can organize it; it just might bond co-workers and help keep the office atmosphere positive and fun!

Of course, if you cannot bring your pet to work on Friday and they are lonely at home, we know of a fun, loving, playful place they can go to… you guessed it: All American Pet Resorts!