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"Men will be just toward men when they are charitable toward animals."
- Henry Bergh

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Showing Our Love for Animals

Giving to groups or educational programs that support and/or enhance the overall well-being of our beloved animals is what Paws-a-tive Giving is all about. We encourage franchisees to develop outreach relationships with various rescue groups and/or non-profits that support this goal.

Here is how it works. Local All American Pet Resorts identify the groups to support. The owner/manager of the resort fills out the Paws-a-tive Giving Request & Application form with the desired amount of money they wish to give to the organization. The Organization must be 501(c)3 or be associated with an event supported through the local Chamber of Commerce or media. A qualifying organization must:

  • Support the protection of abandoned, abused and/or injured animals
  • Support the placement of unwanted pets into new homes
  • Be self-sufficient
  • Promote responsible pet ownership through training and educational programs
  • Support legislation and regulatory changes that benefit animals

The Form is submitted to All American Pet Resorts corporate for review. If accepted, All American Pet Resorts will match the donation of the local Pet Resort up to $500.00.

The words of Henry Bergh, founder of the American humane movement in 1870 still ring true today. “Men will be just toward men when they are charitable toward animals.”

Paws-a-tive Giving Request & Application (PDF)

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