Frequently Asked Questions

Answers About Our Dog Daycare & Boarding

At All American Pet Resorts, we never want you to worry while you’re away. Your pet is in the best hands with us and will be fully taken care of. Of course, we understand you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve tried to provide as much information as possible throughout our site and invite you to explore it to fully understand who we are, what we offer, and why you should choose us over other dog daycares. Yet you’ll still probably have some lingering questions. 

We’ve compiled below the most common questions our customers have, along with our answers. Read through them and if your question still hasn’t been answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. 

  • All American Pet Resorts FAQs

    • Do you give tours of the facility?

      Yes, and we encourage everyone to visit our facility. Due to the number of guests coming and going on a daily basis, we like to offer tours from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We want to be able to devote our full attention to you and these days and times allow the least interruptions. We highly recommend you contact us in advance if you would like to visit at an alternate time.

      We are happy to show you our facility and answer any questions you may have. We highly recommend you do not bring your dog for the tour, as many other dogs are coming through the lobby. We know you’ll like what you see!

    • During a tour, do you take customers through the facility?
      In order to provide our guests undivided attention, minimize their stress, and keep you and our guests safe, we do not permit our guests in the back of the facility. All operational areas are visible from our cameras and observation area.
    • Is All American Pet Resorts staffed 24-hours a day?

      Of course! 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, there’s always someone here. Your dog is never alone.

    • What is the minimum age?

      Most locations take dogs for daycare or boarding at 12 weeks, though some locations may differ on the minimum age. Please call your local AAPR for details.

    • What vaccinations does my dog need to participate at All American Pet Resorts?
      • Rabies at four months and older
      • Distemper (DHLPP or DHPP)
      • Bordetella*

      Your dog must be current on all required vaccinations. We defer to your veterinarian regarding expirations. If the Bordetella vaccination expires every six months according to your vet, your dog must have it administered according to that vaccination schedule. Additionally, your dog must be current on flea and tick prevention.

      Additional vaccines may be required - please call for details.

      *If this is the dog’s first Bordetella vaccination, it should be given at least 72 hours prior to boarding. Two weeks prior is ideal.

    • Is there a specific type of collar my dog should wear to the facility?

      Any collar, harness, or lead is acceptable, and it will be kept with their personal belongings until the end of their stay. Always remember to bring your dog into the building on a preferably non-retractable leash!

    • Do you require pet evaluations?

      Every new guest will be evaluated when visiting for the first time for either boarding or daycare. That evaluation could also take place on their first visit or could be done ahead of time. Call your local AAPR for more details.

      If you want your dog to participate in Group Play, they will be evaluated to see if they are a good match with dogs of similar size, play style, age, and energy. Dogs over six months must be neutered or spayed in order to participate in Group Play. Group Play is designed to be a fun experience for well-socialized dogs. Not all dogs qualify for Group Play for a variety of reasons.

    • What is included in the Boarding rate for my dog?
      Please view your local Boarding services page or call your local AAPR for details.
    • Will my dog be on camera during their stay?
      Not all of the suites are viewable on camera. If you book far enough in advance, we may be able to book your dog in one of the suites on camera, depending on availability. If you desire a camera dedicated suite, please request it when you make your reservation. Of course, our indoor and outdoor play areas are always on camera.
    • Will my dog play all day?
      No. We offer multiple scheduled play times per day. This allows for ample playtime with plenty of rest before, in between, and after play. Your dog will leave tired but not exhausted. Each playgroup is fully supervised.
    • What kind of play space do you have?
      All American Pet Resorts have safe and secure indoor and outdoor play areas. Indoor play spaces are covered with durable epoxy coated, or resilient rubber flooring for dog play. Our outdoor play areas are covered in a soft, resilient sport turf, surrounded by fencing with privacy screens. Each play surface gets disinfected several times a day.
    • Can my dog come to All American Pet Resorts if they do not participate in play?
      Of course! As long as a dog is friendly with people, they do not have to interact with other dogs. All guests who do not participate in play will be taken out, individually. Overnight guests who do not participate in group play will receive individual walks with staff every day.  Not all locations offer private play for your pet.  Please click on the "Guest Policies" tab of your resort for more information.
    • Will you give my dog their medication?
      Yes. We can administer most medication as instructed by your veterinarian and have staff trained to administer insulin shots as well.  Not all locations offer the insulin shots service, please click on "Boarding or Daycare" tab and you will find what services are offered at your resort location.
    • Can dogs from the same family stay together?

      We will always make an effort to keep dogs from the same household together, but the size of dogs may prevent us from keeping them in the same suite. We do offer a multiple pet discount for dogs sharing the same suite. Please give your local All American Pet Resorts location a call for specific details about keeping your dogs together during their stay.

    • Do you have accommodations for senior pets?
      Absolutely! If they require any form of special care, please make sure to inform us so we can make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. We have bedding to accommodate the need for a softer place to rest as well as raised feeders to make access to their food and water easier.
    • Does All American Pet Resorts provide food and do you allow outside food to be brought in?
      As part of the boarding and daycare fees, All American Pet Resorts provides a high-quality, nutrition based, digestible diet. Unless a guest has a sensitive stomach or is on a prescription diet, we highly recommend all guests use the food we provide. Food is allowed from home but must be bagged per meal. An additional fee may be applied if food is brought in bulk or in large containers. Treats may also be brought, but rawhides are not allowed.
    • Does All American Pet Resorts allow outside bedding and toys?
      No. Outside bedding, shirts, blankets, etc. are not permitted. We provide ample clean bedding for all guests. Select toys are permissible and are subject to management approval. No soft or cloth toys are permitted.
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