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How Much Does Boarding Cost?

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What to Expect from Dog Care Service Providers

When planning a vacation, there are several things to consider. Where are you going? How long are you staying? How much will all of it cost? Vacations can get quite costly when you add everything up. Flights, hotels, dining, entertainment – you get the picture. Yet if you have pets, there is always an additional cost that must be considered: boarding. If you’ve never boarded your pet before, you may be wondering how much this service costs. The price of boarding will vary greatly depending on where you live, your length of stay, and the amenities or services offered.

You undoubtedly love your pet and want the best for them, yet you most likely have a budget you need to stick to. The cost of boarding will primarily depend on the amenities the provider offers. Some you may be able to do without, while others may be non-negotiable. We recommend finding a pet care provider that ensures the health and safety of your pet and provides 24/7 care. That means thorough cleaning procedures, sanitary waste removal, and round-the-clock staffing in case your dog requires attention in the middle of the night. These amenities are often the bare minimum.

Okay, but How About Some Numbers?

On average, dog boarding costs between $25 and $60 per night. This fee often covers basic care like keeping kennels or suites clean, filling bowls with food and water, and letting dogs run and play (and go to the bathroom) at least a few times a day. For companies that only provide this level of care, you can expect rates on the lower end of that range. As you add in additional amenities, like premium play areas, attentive care, and webcam access, you can expect the nightly cost to increase.

All American Offers More - We Set the Standard

All American Pet Resorts is a premium provider of pet care services. Although some boarding services provide the bare minimum, we believe that your dog deserves the best. It’s not easy for pets to be separated from their parents, so we go above and beyond to make sure they get all the attention they deserve. We skip the cages, crates, and kennels and offer premium, luxury suites with cozy blankets and pillows and a drain for sanitation.

Some additional services that All American offers include:

  • Medication administration

  • Multiple play times with other dogs

  • High-quality, nutrition based, digestible diet

  • Webcam access for pet parents

  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas

  • Early drop-off and late pick-up

The amenities offered – and our pricing – will vary from one resort to the next, but one thing is for sure: we always provide attentive care for your dog while delivering peace of mind for you. And peace of mind doesn’t have a price tag. Contact your local All American Pet Resorts to learn more about our premium pet care services.

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