The Importance of Daycare Evaluations

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Happy Spring from our team here at All American Pet Resorts! We are so excited for the spring weather ahead and the opportunity to get our dogs outside for trips to the dog park, games of fetch and frisbee throwing, and extra-long walks! With spring break and summer vacations coming up, we are looking forward to getting to spend some time with your pets while you enjoy your upcoming vacations. Keep in mind that spring and summer are busy times of year here at All American Pet Resorts, so make sure to contact our office to reserve your pet’s stay at our pet resort as soon as you have your travel plans confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry friend soon!

The Importance of Daycare Evaluations

If your dog has stayed with us for daycare or boarding, you probably remember the initial evaluation your pet was required to complete before dropping them off for their stay. A daycare evaluation is an essential part of our pet resort process and helps to ensure a safe and happy stay for all of our furry guests. That's why we're sharing a few of the most important reasons we require a daycare evaluation prior to dropping off your pet for the first time.

Keeps Your Pet Safe: Our top priority is your dog's safety. A daycare evaluation helps ensure that your pet will be safe during their stay by allowing us to determine how they will respond to the daycare environment. During their evaluation, we will keep a close eye on them to see how they play with other dogs, react to our staff, and handle being left in their suite.

Keeps Other Pets Safe: In addition to your pet's safety, it is also of the utmost importance that we keep the other pets at our facility safe. Not all dogs play well with others, and even the friendliest dogs can get into scuffs if they feel insecure or threatened. While our trained staff is always present to monitor play, evaluations prior to leaving your dog for daycare or boarding help us to ensure that no dog's safety is compromised as new dogs enter the group.

Helps Us Form Proper Playgroups: As our guests vary in age, size, and play style, it's no surprise that some play differently than others and have different energy levels. Evaluations help us to determine the best group for your dog to interact with based on how they play and their endurance. They'll be matched with dogs with similar personalities and play styles to ensure a happy and customized stay during their daycare or boarding experience.

Helps Us Get to Know Your Pet: While it is easy for us to communicate with our clients to get to know them better, the best way for us to get to know your dog is to observe them. During their evaluation, we learn quite a lot about your pet, and having the opportunity to do so before they come in for a full day of daycare or boarding provides us with information we can use during their stay. Whether it's a favorite toy, a strong need for human affection, or a preference for a certain dog or staff member, we take the time during evaluation to make important notes about your dog that will help us to better serve them during their stay.

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