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Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners & Their Pets

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While any pet owner would shine if they received something that reminded them of their pet, like a necklace with a paw print, socks with their face on it, or something else, the best pet owner gifts are things that acknowledge both the pet owner – and their dog!

How to Find the Perfect Holiday Gift for Dog Lovers & Dogs

Regardless of whom you’re trying to treat, there’s no question that you want to find something that’ll check off all the marks of a good pet gift:

  • Makes pet care easier
  • Is thoughtful
  • Doesn’t break the bank
  • Benefits both the owner and pet

As dog owners, lovers, and caretakers ourselves, All American Pet Resorts is here with a list of holiday gift ideas for the dog enthusiast in your life! From collars to dog treat makers, there’s much to choose from and inspire this year’s gift-giving.

Dog Leash

Who couldn’t use a new dog leash when they take their pets on a walk or even out to use the restroom? There are a few different types of leashes to choose from:

  • Bungee – A bungee leash can provide extra slack to make walking dogs easier. The bungee will absorb the shock created by sudden movements by either dog or the walker.
  • Hands-Free – You read that right! Hands-free leashes can be worn by humans like a belt, across the body, or even around the wrist, giving them their hands back for their phone, coffee, luggage, or even picking up after their pet.
  • Harness Lead – There aren’t many dog leashes as comfortable as a harness leash. It takes the stress off your dog’s neck, is great for puppies learning to walk with leashes, and can keep small dogs from slipping out.

They offer a wide variety of leashes in countless colors and patterns to choose from, including pop culture designs, so it won’t be a challenge to find one they'll love!

Personalized Dog Collar

Dog collars make great gifts because every dog needs to wear one, and they can be personalized in several ways:

  • Material – There are plenty of material options, including nylon and different types of leather.
  • Color – Thanks to the power of the internet, you can find a dog collar in any combination of colors.
  • Name – A dog owner will love to have a new collar with their dog's name stitched directly onto the collar or engraved on a tag hanging from it.

Most pet accessories can be ordered in minutes and customized by online manufacturers, who then ship the items within a few weeks, just in time for the holidays!

Dog Shoes

Getting your friend’s dog’s new shoes may seem a bit silly at first but trust us – it’s a great idea! Mostly because doggie shoes offer way too many benefits to pass up.

Pet shoes are great for dogs because they:

  • Prevents foot injuries from debris on the ground, including rocks, thorns, glass, and more
  • Protect feet during the summer months from burns on hot concrete
  • Also come in boots, helping dogs trench through snow and keep their feet warm
  • Can help older dogs gain the extra traction and support they need while walking

Plus, dogs look cute as ever with boots or shoes on. They come in many colors and styles, so the sky is your limit when finding the perfect pair to gift.

Dog Treat Maker

If you have a dog owner who enjoys baking, this one is for them! Dog treat makers have already shown up on the biggest pet gift guides online and in countless stores, making it one of the hottest gifts this holiday season.

Most of the treat makers we spotted online had everything your gift recipient needs to treat their dog with homemade, pet-friendly, and delicious dog treats, including recipes! They’ll have a blast – and we’re sure their dog will thank you too!

Pet Camera

While it would be nice to be with our pets all day, this isn't possible every day – especially when we have errands to run, work long hours at the office, or other things to do. Fortunately, pet cameras can help curb some of the stress of leaving a pet home alone.

There are thousands of pet cameras available in various models, some of which include treat dispensers and intercom systems. They also come in various prices, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find one to fit your budget!

Dog Boarding or Day Care Services

While pet cameras are okay for some owners, being able to see them do something bad in the home doesn’t provide much help in stopping it or preventing it from happening next time, nor does it help when they need to be away for longer than a few hours or even a day.

All American Pet Resort Gift Cards

For pet owners, a great gift option is All American Pet Resorts. Our services can be arranged and paid for in advance, or you can purchase gift certificates to allow the recipient to use us whenever it’s convenient. We offer a range of services at our all-inclusive, upscale dog boarding and daycare resort, including:

  • Dog Boarding: Designed for pet parents who like to travel and need someone for their pet to be cared for with the utmost respect and care.
  • Dog Daycare: Designed for pet parents looking for somewhere their pup can hang out while they tend to their personal lives on a day-to-day basis.

Our resorts offer cage-free environments that can give any pup the space to play and relax their day away – we’re confident that the pet owner in your life will love us!

Locate your nearest All American Pet Resorts location to learn more about our gifting options!

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