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Christmas Presents for Our Dogs

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This time of year, we start to figure out what to buy for our furry-friends to celebrate them along with the rest of our family. But, some stores go a little overboard with the products they come out with. Take this account from one of our employees:

I was in the store searching for a small toy or ball to put in my dogs stocking for Christmas. I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, the largest Rawhide bone ever so near. First, I thought, “Oh how neat – it is shaped red and white candy cane, but it’s a dog treat.’  As I stared a little while longer, I was actually terrified at its monstrosity. I am not a rawhide fan, as my dog is a mere 8 pounds, but I have friends with larger dogs that love rawhides, since they keep their dogs so busy and their chewing away from furniture. I am curious as to  what you think of this rawhide bone? Is this safe for a dog and its digestive system? Stats: 1 pound, 33 inches long.