Webcam Access in Fort Myers 

Reliable Dog Boarding With Live Webcam

When you are apart from your pet, it doesn’t matter if you are 30 miles away or 3000 – it’s never easy. In a perfect world, they’d be by your side everywhere you go, yet unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. All American Pet Resorts Fort Myers offers the next best thing. Not only do we provide premium dog boarding and daycare services in Fort Myers, but we also offer 24/7 webcam access so that pet parents can check in on their pups while they’re away. Travel without worry and relax while you’re away – and sneak a few glimpses of your pup whenever you feel the need. You’ll find they’ll be having so much fun it may be tough to get them to return home.

Please note that not all suites are equipped with a webcam. Let us know when requesting your reservation if you would like a suite with a webcam, if available.

How to View Our Cameras

To view our cameras please follow the instructions below.

1) If you have an iPhone or an Android device, please download the “Vivotek IViewer” app from the iTunes store or Google Play:

The icon should look like the one pictured.

2) Open the app and proceed as follows:

  • Open the menu in the upper left hand corner, choose "Add device, devices manually," and then enter the following information:
    • First Block, enter:
    • Second Block, enter: 3454
    • Third Block, enter: guest
    • Fourth Block, enter: aapr123
  • Click the blue plus sign and then enjoy!

*Large dogs play in the Outside Rear Camera Views
*Small dogs play in the Side Playground Vies

Because You CareTM Trust Our Pet Care Specialists with Your Best Friend!