4 Key Strategies for Pet Care Franchise Success

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Nobody wants to run an unsuccessful business… This is why so many entrepreneurs seek franchise opportunities! For pet care companies especially, the ability to jump onto an established brand’s identity and business infrastructure offers an excellent opportunity for success. Be warned, however, this does NOT guarantee success.

If you’re interested in owning your own pet care franchise, don’t make the same mistake that many have before by assuming the franchising opportunities are guaranteed success. Making a business reach its full potential takes talent, dedication, and passion. At All American Pet Resorts, we love working with individuals that are as passionate about caring for pets as they are ready to work hard to grow the business.

In addition to having the drive necessary, there are strategies that we believe are key to obtaining franchise success. As franchisors, we love to see our franchisees achieve success, which is why we’re sharing the following strategies for your success:

Know Your Strengths, And How to Overcome Your Weaknesses

Besides the wealth of information and experience that your franchisor should have to offer you, your skills are your primary asset for running your franchise. It’s important to know where your strengths lie and where your shortcomings begin. If time management is typically an issue with you, be aware of this and develop a strategy to mitigate this. At AAPR, we help come up with a comprehensive schedule for the whole development process.

Keep your weaknesses in mind when hiring your staff, too! Hiring friendly, social team members will be a great strategy for franchise owners that are more introverted.

Follow the System 

This is a tip that we can’t stress enough. Many franchisees don’t have a problem with following the franchise’s procedures during the development process of the company. Once things are up and running, however, new franchisees often try to make their own decisions and “wing it,” for a lack of a better phrase.

One of the first items that should be discussed before owning a franchise is the franchise agreement. This agreement establishes the expectation that the franchisee will adhere to the system, which is in place to preserve the brand and protect your investment. A good tip is to not jeopardize this by going off script or making decisions that go against the franchisor’s system. Franchises are often sold as a “tried-and-true” business model, but this goes out the window when you don’t abide by the system.

Recruit an Awesome Team 

Part of the joys of working in the pet care industry is coming into contact with people who are just as passionate about pets as you are! When putting a team together for your franchise, make sure you recruit people who love pets and are willing to work hard to care for them. Putting together a great team can be the difference between a good franchise and a great one!

Once you have your great team together, make sure you work hard to keep them. Treat everybody with respect and equality and be sure to rotate undesirable tasks. Train your employees well and keep them updated with any promotions or events.

Get On the Same Page With Family/Friends 

While we don’t want to scare you by any stretch, it is important to note how much time you will spend running your pet care facility. The decision to run a franchise will definitely impact your friends and family, so make sure that you make this decision with them in mind. Be sure to organize your time so you can secure family time while also maintaining your new franchise.

Success in the business world is never guaranteed, but we believe these four strategies will serve any new franchisee well in their new investment. For more information about how to join a growing market and run a successful pet care industry, visit the All American Pet Resorts website!

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