Franchising as a Lone Wolf vs. With a Pack

A woman plays with a dog outside

You don’t have to read our blog to know that the pet care industry is continuing to see growth in recent years. Pet owners are looking for the best for their furry friends, which means nicer foods and more upscale boarding facilities. It’s no wonder why more entrepreneurs are looking to cash in on the pet industry with a franchise.

There’s plenty to consider before joining a pet care franchise, however. First, you have to understand the amount of time and work that goes into it. Then you have to find a franchisor that you can feel at home with and ready to take on as a partner. Once you’ve narrowed down that search, you may also be asking yourself this: do I want to do this on my own?

Choosing to bring in a partner to your franchise venture can be an excellent idea for some. Franchises are a lot of work, so having a battle buddy can be a great way to keep your head above water with someone that gets it. A partner can help bring some things to the table that you can’t, too. Choose your partner wisely, and you may end up assembling a dream team that is ready to take on the challenge of a franchise!

Partners are also helpful for the early stages of getting a franchise started. The initial investment may take a while to get together on your own but putting two heads together can speed up the process. If you are a collaborative person by nature that enjoys to bounce ideas off of someone else, a partner can be a recipe for success.

Business partners aren’t necessary – or a good fit – for all franchisees, however. When you share responsibilities with another person, there’s bound to be moments of disagreement. When the time comes to make a hiring decision, for example, you’ll have to be okay with splitting each vote with someone else. Speaking of splitting, will you be willing to share in the profits with a partner. Sharing startup costs sounds nice, the compromise being that you’ll also be sharing in the returns.

Whatever decision you decide to make regarding your pet care business, we do hope you’ll call All American Pet Resorts for more information about franchising opportunities. We will be a partner to you and your operation, and will help manage the design and development of the facility, the website design, the marketing materials, and even the schedules up to opening day. Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a small pack, we have the tools for you to reach pet care success!

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