Gathering Support

Two people smile with a dog

When it comes to owning a new business, whether as a franchisee or as an independent, one factor that is often overlooked is having complete support from your friends and family. While it may seem trivial compared to many of the other considerations, it is imperative that the decision to go forward is one that everyone supports 100 percent.

In addition to the financial investment, there will also be a huge investment of your time, especially over the first few years. In our business, caring for pets is a 365-day commitment. Understanding in advance that holidays and other family times may be interrupted by the business is a discussion to have ahead of time. Though it’s normal for the people who care about you to be skeptical of such a big decision on your behalf, it is important to set realistic expectations for yourself and of your friends and family before getting into a franchise.

With your family’s support, your franchise is bound to be a success! If you are interested in purchasing a franchise,Ā contact our corporate team through our website today.

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