Keeping Your Dog’s Anxiety at Bay During the Fourth of July

A dog hides underneath a blanket

While July 4th celebrations can be tons of fun for us humans, the loud bangs and other fireworks noises can be downright terrifying for many dogs. Unfortunately, as much as we love to celebrate the holiday, our four-legged friends may dread it. Dog owners everywhere feel a pang of anxiety as the Fourth of July approaches. Many will be dealing with howling, barking, and generally anxious dogs that accompany fireworks this holiday.

If your furry friend doesn’t do well with thunderstorms, chances are they won’t do much better with fireworks throughout the evening. As dog parents, we hate to see our furry friends suffering from anxiety. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help your dog feel more comfortable and safe while you celebrate! Keep reading to learn more from your friends at All American Pet Resorts Lakeshore.

1. Don’t Bring Your Dog to Fireworks Shows

This is one of the best ways to ensure your pup isn’t anxiety-ridden all night long. Simply avoid taking them to a firework event for the Fourth of July evening. At All American Pet Resorts Lakeshore, we can take your pup in for the night or even the holiday weekend and make sure they are safe and comfortable.

2. Create a Safe Space for Your Dog

Most of us know how much more calm we feel when we are in an area that is familiar and makes us feel safe because it has our belongings. The same goes for our four-legged friends! Create a space for them for the evening filled with all of their favorite things and ensure they are comfortable. Try setting up an area in a quiet space away from windows — such as a basement or a larger closet — so that they can’t hear or see fireworks.

3. White Noise

It has become increasingly popular to listen to “white noise” while we drift off to sleep. The same benefits could be reaped by our furry friends, too. Having some white noise in the background to drown out the sounds of fireworks is one step you can take to calm your dog’s anxiety.

4. Talk to Your Vet

You know your pet better than anyone else. If you anticipate them having a tough time dealing with fireworks, consult with your vet beforehand to discuss any natural remedies or tips with them. If your dog has needed firework medication in the past, or if you think your dog might have an adverse reaction to the noise, reach out to your veterinarian as early as possible.

5. Don’t Let Your Dogs Go Outside Without You!

More dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year! Sudden fireworks can cause intense panic for some dogs and they become desperate to get away. Dogs have been known to break through screen doors, windows, dig under or climb over fences. To prevent this kind of panic, it is best to not let your dogs outside without you present and it’s best to not leave them home alone. If possible, keep them in an interior room such as a bathroom. This will also help them feel a little calmer. Have you ever found your dog hiding in the bathtub during a thunderstorm?

Your dog will feel more secure if they have a certain area that they know they can relax and is safe for them. Usually, around the Fourth of July, the best place to have them is at home and away from the chaos in the sky. If you have any questions about how we can help care for your puppy this Fourth of July, reach out to us! We would love to help in any way. Whether that’s inviting them into our doggy daycare or planning a vacation for them to stay a few days with us. We are here to help and care for your furry friends!