Opening A Pet Care Business: Where to Start?

A dog is pet by an AAPR employee as it is being dropped off

The decision to open your doggie daycare or start your dog grooming service is primarily driven out of passion and desire to be around and care for dogs- pet care growing into a billion-dollar industry doesn’t hurt either. While you have the love of these fur-babies, the business logistics will make or break the success of your pet care facility.

Holding management experience when you set out to start your pet care business is a bonus, however, you must understand your local pet care market for your business to be viable. When opening your dog boarding service, for example, a pet care franchise would provide you with a clear business plan. You will have access to their knowledge and experience of what works and does not work in areas including facility design, marketing strategies, and overall management.

Essentially, investing your pet care business goals into an existing franchise will aid in streamlining the less attractive aspects of opening your pet business while giving you a better chance for turning a profit. However, don’t assume anything is a sure thing. Dedication, commitment, and hard work are all still requirements for bringing your dream job to life.

Throughout our blog, we will go deeper into 8 specific segments to provide our readers with a solid comprehension of the support a trusted Pet Care Franchise provides. You can expect to learn more about:

  1. Site Selection
  2. Facility Design
  3. Facility Development
  4. Administrative Support
  5. Compliance (Legal Standpoint & Brand Standards)
  6. Marketing
  7. Quality Control
  8. Customer Service

If you are wondering if partnering with a Pet Care Franchise is for you or if All American Pet Resorts is your best fit,Ā contact us today. We will give full transparency about what it takes on your end and how we are here to support you in opening a fully operational pet care business!

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