Opening A Dog Boarding Franchise: Facility Design

A dog leans up onto a counter as it is being checked in

Creating a facility design that aligns with your business strategy and accounts for future maintainability gives you a great deal to consider. How do you even begin?

Yes, you can easily research and learn what elements you need to incorporate and how to efficiently utilize your space from a Google search. The problem is those searches only give you generic answers.

These answers fail to advise you on how your design needs to, for example, reflect that your services are primarily dog boarding with a secondary focus on grooming. What if you want to expand into daycare services after being open for two years? Online answers and even pet care books will both tell you to plan for growth in your designs. Neither source tells you how you should plan for it.

Working with a dog boarding franchise gives you specific answers addressing your specific goals for opening your pet care facility. An experienced partner considers what your pet services will look like as a whole. All American Pet Resorts, for example, has a solid understanding of how boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming services need to flow in terms of their physical design and location relative to one another.

How All American Helps You Plan Your Dog Boarding Franchise Facility

Each pet care franchise group offers their own level of involvement during the facility design stage. To help you get a rough idea of what a franchise contributes, look at what AAPR does for a new franchisee:

  • Creates the initial facility layout.
  • Assists in all additional layout designs until completion and finalization of facility plans.
  • Assists in developing a site budget.
  • Assists in selecting contractors and quality supplies.
  • Participates in site development.
  • Participates in overall relationship management throughout the process.

Avoid Mistakes with Your Dog Boarding Franchise Facility with All American Pet Resorts

The concern of not making back all the upfront costs is a natural fear when opening your own pet care facility. Each decision you make about your facility design must have a well-thought-out intention backing it. A pet care franchise group, like All American Pet Resorts, has a proven strategy in its design. Having that baseline allows you to avoid the overwhelming stress that comes with making every decision alone.

You are building the physical product that will simultaneously attract customers and support your staff with the functional environment they need to do their jobs properly. Feel free to contact the AAPR team with any questions or to learn more about the facility design process and the next steps to opening an All American Pet Resort of your very own!

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