The Secret to a Successful Franchise? A 'Community'-Based Business

An AAPR employee plays with many large dogs outside

In order to run a successful franchise, you need to build and foster a sense of community at your facility. Your clients frequently visit your business several times a week, making it almost second nature to foster a community which makes them feel like they’re visiting a “second home.” Once you understand the value of community, you can commit to creating and preserving your own business’s unique culture, following these three steps:

  • Get on a first-name basis with your clients. When your clientele visits your business, make it a priority to either introduce yourself, or memorize their names for the next time they come around. The simple act of mentioning their name during the next interaction you have will build your relationships and can lead to genuine friendships.
  • Make the experience personal: A lot of businesses are notoriously bad at remembering details about their customers or clients. However, when members of your team care enough to remember those details about your clients, your business can make a meaningful impact in their lives, and it can make you more memorable.
  • Practice what you preach: Set an example for your staff that embodies your franchise’s values. Be a leader, and create meaningful relationships with your team members. If you care about them, they’ll care about your business, which will positively impact customer interactions. Building a community into your franchise will help you see more business. You’ll also see more customer referrals and better customer retention numbers, allowing your business to have stronger roots in the area.

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