Dog Boarding Services Near Troy, MI

Top-Rated Dog Boarding Facility 

At All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak, we understand that your furry companion holds a special place in your family. When life pulls you away, be it for work, vacation, or any reason, rest assured that we deliver exceptional dog boarding services in Troy, MI.

With our cutting-edge dog boarding facility, skilled staff, and unwavering dedication to pet care, we provide a safe, cozy, and delightful home away from home for your beloved pet.

Give your pet the best dog boarding experience in the Troy area- call (248) 720-6431 or contact us online to book their stay!

Exceptional Care for Your Canine Companions

At All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak, we believe in providing personalized care for each and every dog that stays with us. Our dedicated staff is committed to meeting your pet's individual needs, ensuring they feel loved, comfortable, and secure throughout their stay.

Whether your dog requires special dietary considerations, medication administration, or simply a bit of extra attention, we've got you covered.

Discover Our All-Inclusive Dog Boarding Services

Our all-inclusive dog boarding package at All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak includes:

  • Relaxing and Private Suites: Your dog will enjoy comfortable and private suites designed to provide a cozy and tranquil environment during their stay.
  • Engaging Group Playtimes: We offer numerous group playtimes each day, allowing your dog to socialize, make new friends, and enjoy interactive play sessions.
  • 24/7 Staff Availability: Our dedicated and caring staff is available round-the-clock, ensuring that your dog receives constant attention and supervision throughout their stay.
  • Specialized Diet: We provide Hill's Sensitive Skin & Stomach diet options to accommodate dogs with dietary sensitivities or specific nutritional needs, ensuring their meals are both delicious and nourishing.
  • Professional Medication Administration: If your dog requires regular medication, our trained staff will administer it according to their specific schedule and dosage, ensuring their health and well-being are always prioritized.
  • Regular Potty Breaks: We understand the importance of maintaining a regular bathroom routine. Our team ensures that your dog receives frequent potty breaks to keep them comfortable and maintain their hygiene.
  • And Much More!

Activities That Keep Tails Wagging

At All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak, we believe that an active and social dog is a happy dog. That's why we offer a range of engaging activities and socialization opportunities for your pet during their stay.

Our experienced staff organizes fun play sessions, interactive games, and stimulating exercises tailored to suit your dog's energy level and preferences. From group play to one-on-one attention, we ensure your furry friend receives plenty of mental and physical stimulation throughout their stay.

Comprehensive Doggy Daycare and Grooming Services

Explore All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak's practical doggy daycare program in Troy, MI—a straightforward solution for pet owners focused on their dogs' socialization and daytime activity.

  • Interactive Daycare: Tailored for pet owners seeking a practical space for their dogs to socialize and stay active.
  • Expansive Play Areas: Our facility boasts spacious indoor and outdoor zones, providing supervised exercise and interaction.
  • Trained Staff: Our dedicated team ensures safety and well-being, closely monitoring playtime.

All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak's doggy daycare program, offers a practical and purposeful solution for pet owners. Join us for a no-nonsense, safe, and enjoyable environment for your furry friends.

Professional Dog Grooming 

Indulge your furry companion in the luxurious care they deserve with All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak's professional grooming services. Our skilled groomers are dedicated to enhancing your pet's well-being through a range of pampering treatments.

  • Comprehensive Grooming Services: Our experienced groomers offer a suite of services, from bathing and haircuts to nail trims and ear cleaning.
  • High-Quality Products: We prioritize your pet's well-being, using only top-tier products to ensure their grooming experience is gentle and effective.
  • Gentle Techniques: Our skilled team employs gentle techniques to guarantee that your pet not only looks their best but also feels comfortable throughout the grooming process.

All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak's professional grooming services provide a comprehensive and indulgent experience for your pet. With a commitment to high-quality products, gentle techniques, and a range of services, we ensure that your furry friend leaves looking and feeling their absolute best. 

Experience superior dog boarding in the Troy, MI, area! Call (248) 720-6431 or reach out online today!

The All American Difference Separation Without the Anxiety
  • 24/7/365 Care
    Feel confident that your pup is safe and secure and has continual access to the care they deserve.
  • Cage-Free Boarding
    Take heart in knowing that your dog has a cozy place to sleep and will be treated like family.
  • Personal Attention
    Never worry while you’re away! Our Pet Care Specialists step in to ensure your dog feels loved and secure.
  • Specialized Sanitation
    Relax knowing that we use advanced cleaning processes to guarantee a healthy, comfortable stay.
  • Webcams
    Gain peace of mind by staying connected to your pup and witnessing our top-notch care - no matter where you are.
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