The 3 "Must Haves" for All Pet Resort Owners

Two AAPR employees speak to one another while one pets a dog

So you’ve decided to start your own pet resort – that’s great news! Being a business owner is an exciting and challenging adventure, and providing a service such as pet boarding is something that you will indeed find fulfilling.

Before diving in, here are a few of the qualities that you must possess in order to be successful in your business:

1. Must love animals: This one probably goes without saying, but you can’t own a pet-centered business if you aren’t an animal lover yourself! If you are someone who is ready to love others’ animals as if they were your own, a pet resort could be the perfect business for you! These animals will require your time, attention, patience, and love, and the proper care of your client’s animals will lead to a lot of returning business!

2. Must love people: This one might not be as obvious, but it’s just as important. Although you’ll be boarding their pets, the pet owners are the real root of this business. After all, it’s the committed pet owners who are entrusting you with their beloved furry-family members! With that being said, in order to have a successful pet resort business, you must love people and be confident that you are able to bring them the best in customer service in addition to caring for their pets.

3. Must be committed to training: We mean training in a few different senses – training of your staff to ensure that they all understand the different roles of their positions and are able to perform effectively and efficiently; training for yourself and any other upper management to appropriately lead your staff; and training for the animals at your facility who will require monitoring and instruction in order to have fun and stay safe at your pet resort.

Think owning a pet resort is the right business move for you? Contact us to learn more about how to get started!

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