The Best Parts of Owning a Pet Care Franchise

A woman plays with a dog outside

When you own a pet care franchise, a question you’ll often get from fellow dog lovers is: “Isn’t it the best to be able to work with dogs every day?” We love to hear this, because it’s true! Successful pet care franchisees are united by the fact that they love dogs and love what they do. If you’re considering joining the pet care industry by joining a franchise, know that there are some great parts of the job that make it more than worthwhile.

They are as follows:

The Growing Industry
Ten years ago, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that about $45.53 billion was spent on pet care. The APPA now estimates that the same statistic will exceed $75.38 billion! This tells us that pet owners are becoming more and more likely to spend money to care for their pets. In short, the pet industry seems to be where the party is!

As pet care franchises become more prevalent, we encourage you to jump on board the bandwagon as soon as possible. It’s very exciting to be a part of a growing market, because it means that there’s always a chance for growth!

The Guests
Even on the most challenging day, never underestimate the joy that you’ll feel being around animals as part of your day job! From taking the dogs out for playtime to spending some petting time with the cats, working with animals is a gift that you shouldn’t take for granted. The most successful franchisees are those who have a genuine passion and love for animals.

The System
One of the best parts of being a franchisee is the perks you get by working with a franchisor. When you become a franchisee of All American Pet Resorts, we help manage the design and development of the facility, the website design, the marketing materials, and even the schedules up to opening day! The beauty of working with a franchisor is that you have a solid support system to rely on during your new business venture. In addition to the support you receive, you also get to jump on board an already recognized brand and have a framework to work within during your day-to-day.

If you were on the fence about becoming a pet care franchisee, we hope these perks were able to make a case for moving forward! If you have any more questions or want to learn more about the perks of the pet care industry, contact All American Pet Resorts today!

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