Three Things That Are Totally Up to You as a Pet Care Franchisee

An AAPR employee holds up a dog

We’ve said it a few times before, but it bears repeating: Buying into a pet care franchise is a big decision that isn’t necessarily best for everyone. A good franchisee needs to be comfortable operating in a predetermined framework and needs to be mindful of rules. This latter condition is often what steers entrepreneurs from seeking other opportunities besides owning a franchise.

It’s worth noting that there are things that are fully within your control as a franchisee. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the success of this business, and you are in charge of many of the operations as a franchise owner. The following three things are completely under your control, and they yield the possibility to make or break your pet care franchise:

Your Attitude
There are typically no written requirements to be chipper and ready to work hard as an owner of your own franchise, but you can expect it to be difficult to succeed if you don’t come in to work with the right attitude. Your attitude is a powerful tool that can help or hurt your success, so be sure to think carefully about how you choose to carry yourself as a franchise owner.

It may help to meet other franchise owners who have thrived and try to understand how their attitude contributes to their success. Talk to them about how they push through their day-to-day responsibilities and see if they have any advice.

The great American poet Maya Rudolph once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Another responsibility that is completely up to you is how you assemble your staff. Whether you choose to use social media, a job fair, a help wanted sign, or more, you get to decide how to reach prospective employees and who gets to join your team. The recruiting process is another key ingredient in a successful franchise, so make sure you hire a team that you can rely on to carry out your company’s mission.

One tip when selecting employees is simple: think about what you may lack as far as strengths are concerned and hire employees that can make up for those weaknesses. If you’re someone who gets stressed easily, it will benefit you to onboard some team members who can remain cool, calm and collected!

The Franchisor You Work For
Lastly, and arguably most importantly, you are in control of the pet care franchise you choose to work for! As a franchisee, it is up to you what business model you buy into. This is where it’s key to read through the details. Do you agree with the franchisor’s values and do you see yourself working well within their framework? It’s important to answer these questions definitively, as any doubts you have in your franchisor can make it difficult to remain comfortable in your decision.

At All American Pet Resorts, we aim to be a partner in your franchise experience that helps you to achieve success in a growing market. If you’re interested in running a successful franchise in the pet care industry, visit our website today!

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