What Would You Do? Abandoned Dog Poop…

Two dogs sitting in grass

What would you do in this scenario that one of our team members related to us recently?

I came home from the store the other day and I noticed a gal walking two dogs in the greenbelt behind my home with her son. One of the dogs did his business and as the young son pointed it out to his mother, she gave the leash a tug and said, “Let’s go.”  I stood there a moment – shocked – and then realized I should say something. I went outside on my deck and proceeded to yell after this woman, “I can get you a poop bag! there is a pet station around the corner! I hope you come back to pick up your dog’s poop!” 

By now she was down around the corner as I yelled my last comment to her: “Responsible pet owners clean up after their dogs.” To my knowledge, she never came back to clean it up. 

The neighborhood kids play in this greenbelt and we’ve all read about the nasty things in animal poop. But what gets me the most is that she wasn’t showing her son the responsibility you must have to own a pet. The poop is still there, I am sure she will not walk this way again. I eventually will go clean it up to keep the neighborhood clean. What would you have done?

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