How-To Guide for Giving Back to the Animal Community

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Happy New Year from All American Pet Resorts! We hope that you are enjoying the winter season, getting a chance to spend time with friends, family, and, of course, your furry family members! There is so much to celebrate this time of year, and we have been lucky enough to get to spend many days celebrating with our clients and their pets. It has been a pleasure serving you this year and we look forward to continuing to do so in 2019.

In the spirit of the new year, we're setting an important resolution to make 2019 our resort's very best year yet. It's the season to give back to those in need, especially the ones who keep our local pets warm and fed all year long. So, while you're figuring out your resolutions for 2019, perhaps there's a little something you can do to help out animals awaiting their forever homes and those that care for them most.

How-To Guide for Giving Back to the Animal Community

Giving back to the animal community, shelters and rescues included, not only helps the animals but also allows organizations to continue to save lives. There are so many ways that we can help support the efforts of animal welfare organizations and animals in general!

Volunteer Your Time: Lend a helping hand to the staff at your local shelter. Contact them to see if they need help planning an event or fundraiser. Or, you could assist them in cleaning the facility or spending one-on-one time with the animals.

Make a Donation: Animal shelters and humane societies always put donations to good use by caring for rescued animals, getting them veterinary care, and hosting events to find them loving, forever homes. Donations don't have to be monetary either! Consider donating items like collars, leashes, blankets, beds, toys, or food.

Collect Supplies: Although you might wish you could feed every homeless animal yourself, that would be an expensive feat. Instead, organize a donation drive to collect necessities for your local animal shelter. Be sure to check with your local shelter first to see what items they need most.

Foster a Shelter Animal: Most shelters are constantly in need of loving foster families for the animals for whom they are caring. Fostering helps animals who are too young to be adopted, provides one-on-one attention for animals recovering from surgery, and frees up more space in the shelter for additional animals who need help!

Here at All American Pet Resorts, we believe there's no better way to give back than to support animals in need. With a new year upon us, consider donating some time to animal organizations in need of help to provide care and love for pets that need it the most

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