The Time to Adopt Your Pet Care Franchise is Now!

Two employees greet two dogs that have entered an AAPR location

This week, the American Pet Products Association (a nonprofit pet industry association) announced a staggering statistic: Americans are spending more on pets than ever before! They found that pet care spending across the country had risen to a whopping $72 billion in 2018 from the considerable $69 billion in 2017. The millennial generation continues to increase the pet-owning demographic – and there doesn’t seem there are any signs of stopping.

If you’re unsure of the potential of working in the pet care industry, let the above fact clarify things for you. Pet care franchises are where many entrepreneurs are finding success, and now is the time to jump on the wagon! Pets are growing in popularity, and so is the concept that pets deserve the same level of quality in health and well-being as the rest of the family (as they should!).

Owning a pet boarding franchise is the best way to capitalize on this growing demand for quality pet service. At All American Pet Resorts, we have two primary goals:

1.    Provide pet owners and their pets with the highest quality care and service
2.    Assist our franchisees to achieve the highest return on investment from their entrepreneurial dream

The requirements for operating your own pet care franchise are simple: you have to be willing to work hard, have a passion to work with animals, and be willing to work with your franchisor to achieve the common goal of business success! The franchise experience is definitely more complex once you’re fully on board, but those guiding principles make up the foundation for you to build upon!

Owning a pet care franchise isn’t for everyone, unfortunately. If you’re someone who doesn’t take kindly to a defined process and prefers to make snap decisions on your own, you may struggle to find success as a franchisee. The structured system of an established franchise is there for a reason. Your franchise development team are people that have done what you’ll be doing many times before, and they know what it takes to successfully get a pet care business up and running.

If you’re ready to join a continually growing market, the pet care industry is a great place to start. If you’re looking to latch on to an established franchise and grow a business using their strategy, All American Pet Resorts may be the partner you’re looking for!

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